What Skills Are Most In Demand for Digital Marketers?

As technology advances, the demand for digital marketing skills is growing. To stay ahead of the competition, marketers must develop a range of skills, from SEO and content writing to social media marketing and data analysis. With the right skills, marketers can create effective campaigns that drive brand awareness and generate long-term demand for their products or services. At the heart of any digital marketing strategy is quality content.

With more than 2 trillion searches performed last year on Google alone, there's no shortage of demand from users looking to source valuable content. As the social media landscape is constantly evolving with new channels, tools, strategies and trends, the demand for highly qualified social media marketers has never been higher. CNN has recently recognized social media roles as one of the top 100 careers, measured by growth opportunities. Product-driven growth marketing is also in high demand.

With the role of a product marketer at the crossroads of marketing, product and analytics, marketers must learn how these three key areas influence each other. To build these skills, marketers can take courses that cover a balanced mix between necessary skills. Copywriting is another essential skill for digital marketers. Copywriting is all about the power to write persuasively, whether in the headline of a company's home page, in a social media post advertising your company's services, or in a marketing email to your customers announcing a new promotion.

To refine this art, marketers must develop a deep understanding of their target audience by talking to customers and learning what matters to them and why they bought your product or service. Search engine optimization (SEO) is also an important skill for digital marketers. SEO helps to rank content near the top of search engines such as Google and YouTube for relevant search queries and increase visitors to quality websites as a result. It has become a staple of modern digital marketing because it is undoubtedly one of the best ways to create brand awareness and long-term demand for products or services. Social media marketing is also essential for digital marketers.

Social media gives you the opportunity to build a following for your brand, reach your audience en masse, and re-segment prospects and customers with personalized promotions and content that may interest them. To refine this art, marketers can turn to tools like BuzzSumo and subject matter experts who can give great insight into what drives people to engage with brands on social media. Audience building is another important skill for digital marketers. Audience building involves attracting ideal buyers to your brand and maintaining their attention through content and digital communication channels such as email and social media. To hone this skill, marketers must first develop a deep understanding of who their buyers are, what problems or needs they are looking to solve, and what types of content they like to interact with. Finally, data analysis is an important skill for digital marketers.

Data analysis helps marketers make precise decisions about audience engagement and add value to businesses' bottom line. To refine this skill, marketers should familiarize themselves with major data analysis tools for marketers such as ad serving (84.6%), analytics (46.1%), web content writing (30.3%), e-commerce (6.9%), project management platforms (Asana), and marketing automation tools. By developing these skills, digital marketers can stay ahead of the competition and create effective campaigns that drive brand awareness and generate long-term demand for their products or services.

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